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Savant Labs
A World of Lubrication Understanding®

Custom Blending and Testing Services

Savant Labs can provide unique custom oil blending capabilities and services to supplement your R&D activities. R&D partnering and initial production for market or performance testing is Savant’s specialty. No size of blending project is too small, we specialize in the smaller volume, flexible batch sizes, and can support short-lead times.

Directed Formulations and More
You provide the components, initial blend ratio, and desired specifications...we do the rest:

  • Blending
  • Testing
  • Optimization based on performance results
Most directed formulation customers are seeking the convenience, speed, and flexibility that come from formulating and testing in the same location:

  • Reduce formulation and testing delays
  • Minimize resources by taking advantage of Savant Labs' experience
  • Reduce material handling and formulation errors.
Custom Services
For more than 50 years, Savant has provided a variety of different oil blending services to our customers.

  • Adding anti-wear, corrosion inhibitors, and antioxidant additives to base oils and test for performance
  • Blending reference oils and then testing
  • Creating blends to fail specifications for evaluation
  • Additizing known fluids to alter low-temperature viscosity
  • International producers without a USA facility or assets.
Savant Labs have extensive knowledge in lubrication oil, and fluid testing for passenger vehicles, heavy-duty diesel, turbine, and industrial applications. Our expertise, precision, fast turnaround, and customer service will ensure a great experience for your next custom blending and testing project.